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Foot and Ankle Pain

What is it?

Foot and ankle pain can come in various forms. Acute or repetitive trauma and choice of footwear are common causes and can be seen in sports people and those who partake in physical activity. Frequent problems that occur in the foot or ankle can be; heel pain, plantar fasciitis, bunion problems, forefoot pain, Morton’s neuroma, achilles pain, arch pain, ligament sprains, and spurs.

Why treat it?

Poor biomechanical alignment and trauma can lead to all types of foot and ankle pain. If left, this can make the foot worse and lead to fractures and sprains.

How can I help you?

I can assess and diagnose the area and decide in the cause of affected area. This could be over-stretching, overuse, bruising a cut, or due to a biomechanical abnormality. I can advise simple treatment methods, over the counter medications, orthotics or insoles (or other corrective prophylactic measures) all to reduce your discomfort or pain. I can also organise referrals to other health professionals if needed.

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