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Problem Nails

What are they?

The feet can become infected by a virus, fungus or bacteria. The presentation can be in various ways. Nails may become thickened, discoloured, crumbly, have ridges or even cause pain. Each person can respond differently so these areas should be looked at.

Why treat them?

A thickened nail can cause excess pressure in a shoe and cause pain.

A fungal infection of the nail, if left untreated can spread further and become more problematic to more than just the nail.

The excess pressure in various nail conditions due to increased thickness can lead to ulceration, involution and ingrowing nails, and corns can form under the nails too.

How can I help you?

Due to the nature of the conditions, I can test the area to diagnose the condition and agree and advise on a course of action suited to your needs and lifestyle. I can also advise on prevention of further infection, treatment and measures you can take to reduce the risk of recurrence and discuss self maintenance. For all nail problems, I can advise on products which can remedy the condition and offer advice and create a tailor made treatment plan for a permanent solution. I will aim to make your feet more comfortable and look much improved in appearance too.

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