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Orthotics and Insoles

What are they?

Simple insoles or custom-made devices used to support, align, prevent or correct injuries, anomalies and deformities or to improve the function of the body.

Who can benefit from wearing orthotics?

Anyone with foot and ankle pain and people who play sports can benefit. Those with injuries can benefit as well as people with lower back pain and postural abnormalities. They can also be used to prevent injuries from occurring aiding alignment of the foot and body.

How can you benefit from wearing orthotics?

An orthotic provides foot stability and helps to maintain correct postural alignment. They remove the constant strain that would have to be transferred to the hips, knees and back. People can use their muscles more efficiently to protect joints, tendons and ligaments within the body. Those who are in pain due to poor alignment and with poor foot posture will notice relief, as pressure over the foot is reduced and redistributed over the foot to correct foot placement when standing and walking.

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